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When Autumn Lasts Forever is a GURPS 4th Ed game. This is a role-playing game heavy on atmosphere, character development and discovery. This game starts before the Undead Apocalypse.

While combat, injury and death are an essential part of the genre, my games are heavy on mystery unraveling, sorting and solving clues, character development and role-playing versus “hack’n’slash/sword’n’shield bash roll-playing”.

Game will start and be set in 2014, all players will need be built with 120 points with a possible +10 from quirks & disadvantages.

Character back stories should be NO less than 1 page printed, and no more than 2 full pages (with normal font and spacing) I do expect some effort.

Assume $3,000 in stuff & cash (modified by wealth level)
plus – A reasonable apartment/house (based on wealth level)
plus – A reasonable car/truck or other transportation (based on wealth level)

All of the characters will know each other at least marginally though a common interest, hobby & website. As this is “now” there are a few game world notes:

1) All characters will have an interest in the paranormal, paranormal activity, ghosts, cryptobiology, UFOs, monster hunting and/or similar areas.

2) All characters are NORMAL people, but will fit into one of these major arch types:
-Ghost/Monster Hunter (believer) (think TAPs or other such groups)
-Ghost/Monster Hunter (debunker) (think TAPs or other groups when not pretending its all real)
-Medium/Psychic/New Age Witch/Ghost Whisper… (someone who claims to believe and have a power/gift)
-Journalist who deals with “the weird stuff” for a local paper
-Horror/Mystery Author looking for story seeds
-Scholar for Parapsychology, Psychology, Theology/Occult…

Within each of these arch types there are the classic sub types of: Techie, Leader, Snoop, Bully, Tree Hugger, Outdoors-man, …. feel free to explore.

3) There is no magic… there are no ghost… spirits… most understand that what they are doing in a harmless con and fantasy indulgent at best… but they will still claim they believe. (if they decide their character believe)

Main Page

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